Shouting for Joy – Katy Lee Law (Mighty Team)

This summer, I’ve started to practice shouting for joy every day.  Every morning I joyfully give thanks for different things the Lord has done in my life or will do for me (His promises).  For example, I’ll shout for joy for how He has changed me. Or how He will continue to help me become more and more glorious. I find that there are so many reasons to shout for joy every day!  It has helped my faith a lot to repeat these truths every day. I can see that it goes beyond just positive thinking. It is based on truth, and that uplifts my faith.

This past week or so, I’ve seen more clearly the effects of shouting for joy like this. There were a few instances when I felt accused after sharing something in public. Every time, as soon as the thoughts of how badly I had done started coming, I was able to immediately cut the negative thoughts and give thanks instead. I could even shout for joy right after and have a deeper understanding of how God has blessed me or will use my sharing to bless others. That’s a great breakthrough for me! In the past, I would dwell on these negative feelings, worries and fears in my heart. Now I have more faith to jump out of them and see a bigger picture; I can see more what God sees. I can have more “heavenly” thinking and joy in my life.