Shout for joy and work out! – Amy Deng

After giving birth, I am faced with many new challenges relating to looking after a baby, and I found that I was often entangled by many worrisome thoughts and accusations. When such thoughts came, I was reminded by the Lord through past messages, the current Friday night messages, and also sisters, that I need to use the truth to overcome those thoughts. Satan and the evil spirits will try all things to try and cut me away from the Lord, but He has already won the eternal victory, in which He shares with me. I ought to rely on the Lord and shout for joy always! I also found that besides shouting for joy, doing physical exercise also helped to energize me. When my physical condition improved, my spiritual condition did also.
I know that along with its joys, this stage will have its many challenges; however, the Lord is with me, and I believe I will learn how to walk out the Finishing Way even better as I rearrange and adjust to a new lifestyle!