Short prayers throughout the day – Kerry Ko

Lately I’ve been practising having more short prayers throughout the day. I feel that I’m closer to the Lord and I can feel His presence more easily. There are different types of short prayer I have throughout the day. Sometimes I would have a moment looking out at the sky and meditate His highest and personal love to me. From time to time, I tell the Lord that He is the one I treasure most in my heart. He’s incomparable. I feel that my heart is at peace and in joy all the time. I have many short prayers during my day – When I leave home for work in the morning, I tell the Lord from the bottom of my heart that I love Him. At work when I go to the kitchen to get water, I would take a moment realize that He is here and give Him a smile. I also take breaks at work and look outside of the window. I thought of His power and He’s the eternal God. When I am on the bus on my way home, I thank Him for His help and blessing.

Prayers can be short; yet the personal fellowship between the Lord and me is developed more deeply from time to time. I no longer wonder where the Lord is. It’s very easy and natural for me to feel that He is here with me.