Sharing of sleepover & birthday celebration

2014 October 14th

Jeremy (Grade 3)
I enjoyed eating sushi and watching a movie. I enjoyed worshipping God, reading the Bible and singing songs.

Heman (Grade 3)
I enjoyed eating ice-cream and watching TV. I learned how to make sushi. I learned how to use the booklet “Enjoy Eternal Life”.

Timothy Chow (Grade 4)
I learned to prepare dinner, and I enjoyed watching the movie. I learned to draw near to God more because I don’t do it at home all the time.

Elijah Cheng (Grade 4)
I enjoyed watching the movie and eating breakfast. I learned to sing songs.

Siu Ling Lam
I enjoyed building closer friendship with the young brothers and coworkers. We learned together to live with God day and night through the sleepover. We hope to plan another one next month and continue to influence each other to live out the essence of God’s family.

Karine Wong
I enjoyed being with Siu Ling and the four younger brothers! I was joyful when I saw them making their own creative sushi rolls, squeezing into a small kitchen to help wash the dishes together, enjoying themselves chatting with one another on their beds, and much more. I enjoyed every moment since they are my dear brothers and sisters! We are one family!