Sharing message has been a milestone of growth for me – Lena Yang (Promised Land)

Leading message in my small group of new believers on Sunday has been a learning curve and milestone of growth for me. For the past couple of months, I’ve been rotationally leading messages on my own along with 2 other sisters. We’ve covered topics such as Jesus’s life on earth, our relationship with the Father, and how to enjoy worship more. Before this, the idea of sharing a message was especially daunting for me – I wouldn’t know where to start and doubted my capabilities. But after sharing repeatedly and having a supportive group of sisters, I no longer feel scared or intimidated. Instead, I’ve learned how to not only rely on myself to think of a message, but pray before God and let Him provide wisdom and guidance. Many times while following a set format for message, a more suitable Bible verse will come to mind and I know that it is from God. I spend more time praying for the sisters in my group and considering their needs, which gives me a better understanding of the kinds of topics that would be suitable for them. I give thanks that God gave me this task to improve in my ministry and my personal relationship with Him.