Sharing from Silicon Valley camp December 25-31, 2022 (Part 3)

James Leung

In this pursuit camp, I learned we should have a good schedule instead of loose time. I want to have more time to shout for joy every day. I want to share my areas of improvement with brothers and sisters, so they can keep me accountable.

Yanmi Leung

I give thanks I could join this camp to pursue with brothers and sisters. I learned how to design a good schedule, have free but not loose time, take short breaks (reading, walk, etc) throughout the day, shout for joy, and read the Bible (ups and downs). I want to keep up those practices when I go back to NYC and share my gains with brothers and sisters there. Let’s continue to improve for God.

Ester Ho

During the camp, I was active and talkative. I was motivated by brothers and sisters and I want to improve for the Lord. I know brothers and sisters more and felt closer to them.

Winnie Tam (Bear)

I really enjoyed shouting for joy in the morning team time. I decide to shout for joy every day (no matter what situations). This is the normal way to live. The Lord is glad to see His darling shout for joy, clap hands, sing praise, and rejoice before Him always.

Osborn Chan

The daily pursuit with brothers and sisters helped me to gain more wisdom to design my daily schedule with slight and realistic adjustments for improvement. I also enjoyed learning about the wisdom of break times (and various kinds of breaks). Moreover, I focused more on the everlasting way in the past. In this camp, I have a “click” about the finishing way. Everything I do for the Lord, small or big in different areas (work, family, exercise, outreaching etc) is connected to the Lord’s will and helps to finish His work.

Aimee Du

I am so glad we canceled our family trip and were able to join the camp with my husband and my boys. I really enjoyed our pursuit together and I understand more about the essence of sweet daily living. It motivates me to own it and embrace it more into my daily life. There are just so many sweet memories with the Lord and brothers and sisters throughout the camp! Thank you brothers and sisters for making it happen!

Yvonne Ho

I give thanks that the Lord caused all things to work together so I could join this camp to pursue with brothers and sisters. I felt more at ease to share and pray in this camp. I learned how to design a good schedule, draw near to God, shout for joy throughout the day, read the Bible( up & down). I want to keep these practices.

Winly Chan

This camp was very abundant. Starting from beginning to end, I was drawn by God’s presence. I really enjoyed reading the Bible together in the morning and felt so free to worship and share with brothers and sisters. I want to take more breaks throughout the day and be steadfast in practicing a good daily schedule.

Kerry Lee

One thing I improved in this camp was being involved and active from the beginning to the end of each meeting. I found that it is actually not hard to do. When I voiced out earlier, I experienced God more and deeper. It helped me to easily open up myself to brothers and sisters and I feel very close to them. 

Another thing I learned is having a good daily schedule without wasting any time. I enjoyed taking breaks in between meetings. No matter going out for a walk, taking short reading breaks, or shouting for joy, I experienced the sweetness of living with the Lord.