Sharing from Silicon Valley camp December 25-31, 2022 (Part 2)

Kelvin Lau (Silicon Valley)

During the camp, I learned to put myself forward in every meeting. From 7am global phone sing to dinner sharing, I always remind myself not to delay my success but voice out whenever I have something to share. Also, I cut down most of my loose time and I can feel that my schedule was so fruitful and joyful. I enjoyed the car ride with brothers and sisters a lot because we were shouting for joy and had ceaseless prayers. It was not burdensome but instead, I felt that my heart can be so settled and light for the day.

Eric Lee (Mighty Team, Vancouver)

I needed to be more active in my spirit; what helped me during the camp was shouting for joy during the morning car ride, paying attention to God and brothers and sisters prayers during worship, and raising my hands. We also had short breaks and reading breaks, which helped me to turn to God throughout the day. I want to keep these practices when I go back home!

Christine Chen (Silicon Valley)

The Bible reading time helped me to draw near to God, not just the Bible. And the worship afterwards was very encouraging and enjoyable! I felt God’s presence during the worship and His appearing actually helped me to adjust my spiritual lens to see things through His perspective (live out the truth). I also enjoyed the shout for joy time, and I felt so much more casual and easy to shout for joy in this camp. I want to continue to shout for joy, even for little things, and continue to practice seeing things through God’s lens.

Amethyst Vong (Silicon Valley)

I really like all the arrangements from morning global phone sing all the way to stretching before bedtime. It is truly so abundant. I felt more at ease to share and pray at this camp. I really felt attracted and touched by God during the Bible reading worship. I enjoyed the shouting for joy in the car ride. I want to be more set free to shout for joy and continue to have a good schedule.

Danny Lim (Silicon Valley)

The pursuit camp is so abundant. We practiced how to set a good daily schedule in the camp. With that I can always live out the truths and pursue Him. In the morning team time, I felt the Holy Spirit filling me more and more. I could enjoy brothers and sisters’ prayers so much. My spirit was attracted and nourished by Abba’s and the Lord’s special presence and delight.

I also enjoyed shouting for joy freely before Him. The Lord always wants to cheer me up with His full acceptance and appreciation. I decided to shout for joy every morning! I want to improve for Him. And I don’t want to have any loose time. In this camp, I truly see more clearly the essence of sweet daily living. Let’s strive on!