Sharing from Silicon Valley camp December 25-31, 2022 (Part 1)

Leslie Wu (Morning Star)

For me, every part of the camp arrangement was abundant and helpful. Shouting for joy in the car was a great way to set the tone for the day and uplift my spirit in the shortest time. Sharing after meal helped me to know everyone better and be inspired, especially about healthy eating and fasting. I especially enjoyed reading the Bible together. The Lord spoke very personally to me about how to be more steadfast with endurance, but at the same time my heart can be easy and light when I do so in small steps. The Lord is cheering for me. Let’s strive on!


Peter Wong (Mighty Team)

Taking light jogs in the morning refreshed me every time.I reminded myself to pay attention to the Lord and to others before every gathering. My mind was clearer and my heart was lighter. I use more of my spirit. I found myself being on point and “hitting the target.” 


Tommy Chan (Silicon Valley)

I realized worshiping with brothers and sisters helped me to get closer to God and brothers and sisters. I enjoyed the Bible reading worship time very much. I experienced the presence of the Lord, and I continued to be drawn while taking breaks throughout the day.

Calvin Ko (Silicon Valley )

I enjoyed practicing a good daily schedule from morning to night with the mission team. I had no loose time. Particularly, I enjoyed the time in the car when we shared, prayed, and shouted for joy. I felt my heart closer to brothers and sisters. I found it very easy to come to God throughout the day. It helps me to feel light and not burdened despite having a lot of things to arrange and take care of.


Hang Guan (Silicon Valley)

Through the camp, the Lord told me that in my daily task I can be steadfast and glorious for Him, and that He celebrates my every small step. I also enjoyed reading the Bible together to see the Lord’s guidance, wait on Him and focus more on Him.


Karine Wong (Silicon Valley)

I enjoyed being active and involved in meetings. I will continue to practice in various circumstances!