Setting the mind right: Walking out a Christian life – Waiying Chau

Recently, I have been attending some training meetings on Saturdays that speak about ‘Having the Right Mindset’. I learned that I am often affected by my feelings and it has become of my feelings controlling me rather than having the will to fight these feelings. An example is that one time I had some grudges with my coworker. I didn’t want to talk to her or help her in any way. Despite these feelings, I took the initiative to talk to my colleague. Once I took that action, I felt easier and better inside me. From the past training meetings, I got the key to solve many of my feelings driven dwellings that is to do what I need to do. By doing so, I have more strength to overcome these feelings. Now I understand more what it is in Romans 12:21″Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.