Set free from my phone! – Maggie Chen (Faithful Team)

I find that I’m always on my phone even when I don’t need to use it. It’s been wasting a lot of my time. I got a phone jail to lock up my phone for a few hours per day. I find it very helpful and it helps me to focus better when I’m doing tasks. However, in the back of my mind I still allow flexibility to have unnecessary screen time because I know it’s not wrong. So when Violin gave the message on God’s standards, that’s when I realized I shouldn’t allow so much tolerance to let things get in the way to take away my focus and time from doing God’s will. I have a very solid truth in my heart now and I am clearer about God’s standards. I definitely don’t want to lower God’s standards for the rest of my life. I immediately made an adjustment to my unnecessary screen time tolerance after that message. Right now, it takes less effort to put away my phone when I don’t need it. When we get home after meetings, Norman and I would talk about what we gain and what helps us, and pray together instead of going on our devices to waste our time away and then sleep late. When we have some free time, we’ll read a book, continue our Bible reading plan, or do house chores, etc. I’m still working on it, but I have fewer struggles in my heart now. I feel the freedom in my heart because I’m not tied to my phone anymore, and I really enjoy living like this.