Sermon’s recent messages in Friday meetings – Blue Ngo

In the Friday meeting, Sermon mentioned that the Church and Christ should be our priority. I had no doubt about it already, but I asked God to open my spiritual eyes more to see the preciousness of the church (this family). This is His will. How He opened Paul’s eyes and caused the great changes, I wanted Him to do the same to me and brothers/sisters. I remember in our group worship the next day after the Friday night message, I was touched that God used many brothers and sisters to mould me into what I am today. I can’t give thanks enough for their reminders, their support and prayers. I love this family, and I want to love even more and dedicate my whole self completely to build this family (in pursuing, in ministry, etc). Recently, one of my close coworker sisters needed to go to another group to serve because of its expansion. It would usually take me a while to adjust, but this time, I felt so peaceful, and happy to fully support her to go to another group because this family is in need. Like the bible says: We are one body, and if one part needs help, we need to help.