Seek God and heavenly things – Ming Mei Zhang

Aug 9, 2015
Recently the messages and team time worship really helped me to treasure what we have in this generation and this church more. And even though it may seem like small things I tried to choose the Lord more in my daily life and schedule as my life response to this and to Him. Previously, when I was in school and had exams, I use to worry and stress and take time away from meetings and also pull “all nighters” to cram for those exams, but this time, facing my biochem final while still working full time, I wanted to not sacrifice my time with Him and not miss out on the meetings where I can learn and gain so much. Although in my mind I still struggle and worry occasionally, but I still chose to go to meetings and team time at first because I know it’s the right thing to do, but then after, because I desired for the worship, fellowship and experiences (the worship and messages are really so good). I also tried to follow my life style goal to sleep earlier, and I found I gained so many blessings from these decisions. Although the time I had to study was less but I was more focused and the Lord even caused my work schedule to work out perfectly that I can have just enough time to study. Much more, my spirit was so uplifted from shouting for joy and worship in team time and the message in the meetings that I forgot to worry. Even an exam and what used to be a stressful situation for me became so enjoyable, since I could experience Him through out this entire process, respond to Him with my choices, and see clearly His blessings and how He has set our life path so that our focus can be on the heavenly things.