Saturday trainings – Waiying Chau

The Saturday trainings have helped me quite a lot during the summer. I learned a lot about myself and opened up myself more to God’s big and warm family. I always thought I was not good at expressing myself, and doing it proved me right! But at the verge of giving up and closing up myself to people around me, I was conditioned to talk more, and I pushed myself to do it.

Some of these training sessions involved talking in a group relating to a specific topic, and then leading worship. I was most impressed that every time I voiced out and shared, more and more ideas came to my mind, giving me more topics to share and give. That morning was so enlightening to me. Not that I’ve never shared before, but I felt God’s work on me. I learned that I need to talk more, not being scared of failure or how people look at me, but becoming the best I can be.