Saturday training helps me to live in His presence and feel His love – Alison Chan

I wasn’t able to attend today’s training but I listened to the recording in the afternoon. I was working on my computer at the same time, but then I was so attracted to it that I had to close my laptop, open my notebook and followed the practices like I was in the meeting. The whole training was helpful and enjoyable, and in particular, I like the vision part where Violin told us to be ready to talk to the Lord but “not yet”. It made me focus on the Lord better and see Him more clearly. Too often I am too much into (or too anxious about) what I am to say to Him and overlook the fact that the Lord is here and I’m conversing with Him! When I followed the practice, I felt touched looking at the Lord and having what I wanted to say to Him in my mind.

It was dinner time after I finished listening to the training recording. When I looked at the Lord and thought about His love of the cross (following the content of worship after the training), I was touched to tears, even though food was lay before me and chopsticks were in my hand. That “turn and smile”, together with the “ready to talk” look to the Lord, really helps me see Him and talk to Him. I hope to continue to improve in using my mind and living in His presence always.