Revival! – Tuhien Trieu

I had many gains during this camp but what I treasure most was God’s commission, His presence and appearing in the worship. The Lord really helped me to recover from the surgery one week prior to the camp so that I was able to join and involve. From this, I was touched by His personal love and favour to me.

This camp was set up mainly for Sacramento brothers and sisters, but in the end, many Vancouver brothers and sisters gain a lot!!! I was encouraged by the Lord’s passion to revive us to see how much He has done and make all things come together to finish His will. I realized that though some may just walk out part of the everlasting way, there is already an impact. How much more if we fully walk it out and experience greater blessings! I was motivated to further plan and improve my pursuit in the everlasting and finishing way.

Since the camp, I have set up more morning teams daily (even as early as 6:20am) and brothers and sisters gain a lot. We pick up the qualities of the first journey of this movement (desire to help brothers and sisters to draw near to God daily) with the assistance of the things the Lord taught in the second journey. The effect is substantial. We enjoy the personal, partner and team time in a deeper level with shorter time to warm up and/or no wasted time. I’m happy to see more brothers and sisters love to draw near to God! The Lord must be so delighted! Revival is here!

Also, one worship in the camp really was a great gift from God. It was the last worship on Monday Feb 15. I was very touched and felt the Lord so close. I could hear His eternal gentle calling of love. He comforted my heart that He will carry me through the days ahead. Though I lost a thyroid and my family has needs, I feel hopeful that the Lord is responsible for the days ahead. He was encouraging me that though things may change, His love calling and faithful love is the same. I felt settled and want to respond to His love even more despite limitations now and ahead. I treasure and love the Lord more. Since this worship, I found it easier to have personal time with the Lord throughout the day despite the busyness in my life. I am living a love life with the Lord!