Revival early in morning! – Tuhien Trieu

Since the February English coworker camp in Vancouver, we have started teams daily at ‘Eden Garden’ and also Killarney center. I was surprised that the sisters were willing to continue even as early as 6:30 am due to work. I can sense revival in restoring the desire to draw near to God early in the morning.

Whether rain or shine, we continue every day from Monday to Friday and even weekends. We have our personal time in the area and feel more focused. Then we would have a short team time to either worship, pray or share. We gain a lot and are energized for the day to live with the Lord. I give thanks that we also experience the blessings of the second journey of this movement. We know how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and through songs with truth, we can quickly deeply experience God! What a blessing!

I see the sisters grow and build a solid foundation. Even a younger sister was willing to have team with us at 6:45am! Joyfully we are being transformed and we desire for God more! Daily draw near to God in the morning satisfies our hearts and God’s heart!

For myself, because of the early team times, I can sleep earlier because my body would be tired at the end of the evening. I go to bed between 10:30 to 11:00 pm for the past 2 weeks! I get to work on time and sometimes even earlier. I feel I have more time and my ministry is even more focused! During team time, I experience the Lord giving me more as I share and give to the brothers and sisters. I become even more skillful! I am so excited for the Lord and for the church as we continue on the path of daily revival!