Review time as a team at cell group – Eric Lee

I’m glad I went to cell group last week (October 29th) although I was late because I had to do an emergency root canal treatment in the evening (painful..). Mark led us to review our day and see if there was a time when we panicked or were stressed and could have relied on the Lord to help us. We all shared such a moment where we could have had a short prayer to ask the Lord to help us. We also reviewed our break time for the day. Did we have a break today? We shared when and where we could have a break and made this our plan for the next day. Mine was to take a walk at 3pm. but I wasn’t able to do it. Then I remembered the other brothers mention they will have a break after work. And I also did the same 🙂

Usually I do not do such reviews and plan for the next day on my own, but this “Team Corner (Review) Time” was very helpful for me.