Restoration of truth and our commission from God – Kerry Ko

It was not the first time that I heard about the truth that the Lord has restored and has given to us: from being justified by faith to baptism, to no sinful nature, to living out the church/family in unity. I teach piano so I understand it’s very difficult to fully pass on your understanding and skills to others. If we are able to gain and continue to practice 70% of the truth that is correctly interpreted without a trace of misunderstanding from previous generations, we are already quite good. But I realize we are more than just gaining 70%. We are able to filter out the wrong. We are able to fully enjoy, practice and enter deeply into the precious truths that were restored in previous generations. And God further reveals to us more truths such as the essence of the commission! We are also able organize these truths and find a way to be close to God continuously. The precious truths that we have, along with God’s presence among us and how He uses us to bless different nations, really prove that we are commissioned by Him!