Relying on the Lord Works – Teny Li

April is finals seasons for many students in university and this time can be quite overwhelming because of the high levels of stress and pressure. I definitely felt it, especially for my math final. I was anxious as I didn’t think I know the concepts well enough to succeed in the exam and there was only a few days left till exam to cram it all in. But two things I practiced from Wednesday cell group greatly helped me to overcome my anxiety: saying “Lord I love You” and realizing that I’ve gained the Lord and all is His. By saying “Lord I love You”, I also express that I am relying on Him and His love is my strength. Such love as His can uplift me above what I face as it helps me to remember that I am to live in love with Him. Meditating on gaining the Lord and all is His reminds me that I have already have all the best, thus I am lacking nothing. Even if I do poorly on the exam, I have faith that I will still be alright as the Lord will provide for me and His grace is also sufficient for me. During the whole process and practicing these two things, I felt Him helping me and giving me peace. Some of the questions on the exam paper were also on the practice final, which was a lifesaver for me. Also, because of the low average, the professors had to scale or marks. In the end, the Lord caused me to pass with flying colours. He is the most real and I hope you can also experience Him as well!