Reflecting on 2022 – John Leung (Mighty Team)

2022 was a rollercoaster year that resulted in many breakthroughs.

I give thanks to brothers and sisters’ care and support to overcome negative thoughts while I was sick or injured.  Through their encouragement, I overcame my shyness to share my spiritual gains on Friday and Sunday meetings, and on the church blog.  From there, God gave me the confidence to share my testimony in numerous Gospel Chatrooms and at the in-person gospel meeting.  I also inspired many with my life story on overcoming struggles for the StepUp Program and English Up Up Up.

I treasure that I could edify brothers and sisters with my sharings, just like how they have encouraged me with sharings on their improvements or missionary trip gains.  Messages from early in the year about the lives of Joseph and Caleb, along with brothers and sisters’ changes through the Redeem Your Time program, inspired me to diligently improve myself to glorify God and bless others.

My move from a basement suite to an apartment building not only had brothers and sisters’ help, but it was also God’s way of leading me to rise up and glorify Him. My testimony inspired many, and I also met and introduced an unbeliever neighbour to brothers and sisters. He gradually learned more about God and the Bible through our continuous conversations. He even heard about many brothers and sisters’ changes through joining the Gospel Chatrooms with me.

In 2023, I want to have a more stable daily schedule, so that I can join the 7am Phone Sing at least once a week. Also, I want to take more walks with God and support God’s