Realizing the truths – Katy Lee Law

Lately, I’ve gained tremendously from practicing something that seems so small and easy. I’ve started to draw up pictures in my mind to meditate on and realize the truth better. I have done it before, but I’ve been doing it more often, to the point that it becomes quite natural. For example, when meditating about how the Father gave His Son for me, I thought of how the Father will never withhold any good from me. I pictured the Father with a warehouse packed with treasures, and He kept on giving me things and telling me that all of it was mine. It felt so good! When I shared that with a sister, she was giggling with delight. Her reaction was so normal! I need to constantly put such kinds of truths always before me so I can live more normally as the child of God! When I use my imagination to picture the truth, I can be affected more easily by the truth!