Reaching world ranking through computer games – Stanley Chui

Coming out of high school and having trouble deciding what I wanted to do in the future, I was really lost and had no direction. I turned to many different games to fill this emptiness I had because games gave me a sense of success.

There was this game in particular which attracted me so much, I was so addicted to it that I remember one time I didn’t sleep for 3 days just playing the game. After playing, I was able to finally reach the highest level and enter into one of the top tier PVP ranking in the world. I was really happy at first but shortly after I felt even emptier than before. The brief moment of success did not last and couldn’t fill this emptiness/void that I had.
I really give thanks to the Lord he made me realize this and truly understand that He is the only one that can fill my heart with joy and love. This is something I was yearning for and nothing in this world can replace it.