Re-setting my lifestyle – Blue Ngo

I give thanks for having a way to live close to God day and night. Through the recent review of the 10 points of good lifestyle and daily schedule in our Wednesday cell group meetings, God reminds and encourages me to further improve my daily schedule. Since I have changed from working to taking care of a newborn, and having more time at home, I am readjusting my schedule, especially re-setting my anchor points. I also enjoy the precious prayers more, and have a focus every day.

For example, I will sing when I feed the baby, take a break and go out for a walk with the baby after lunch, and I will listen to messages when the baby takes an afternoon nap.

I found after I re-set my lifestyle, I have more strength and joy to face every day. I can have a good lifestyle and walk in this everlasting way no matter what stage I am in.