Prayers – strength in ministry – Maggie Chen

I experienced the enemies’ attacks quite a lot in the last few days ever since I arrived in Toronto. My main purpose here is to invite my family members to church events and get to know brothers and sisters. The first night I got back, I had a nightmare and was very difficult to fall asleep (not because of jet-lag). So, I prayed to the Lord to help me and I used the authority to cast out evil spirits to be far away from me and my family.

The next day, when I looked at the situation, I felt discouraged and was thinking quite negatively that it’d be very difficult to just be here and not to mention bringing my family to church… all these thoughts disturbed me a lot. The Lord gently reminded me that I should pray for myself and my family more. When I was still struggling with the negative thoughts, I realized that I really should pray more. I went back to my room, I gave thanks for His commission, prayed for myself and for my family. When I prayed to the Lord, I was facing the glorious Lord and my spirit was uplifted. Through praying to Him, I experienced His love, presence and comfort, and my spirit was greatly strengthened. Praying to Him helped me to live to Him, experienced His love and presence, and entered into worship. I was immersed in His presence.

A bible verse also came to my mind in Acts 6:4 where the disciples emphasized on prayers in their ministry. Now I understand more why they emphasized prayers so much. It’s because through praying to the Lord, they could live to Him, entered deeper into His love and knew His will. They would then be strengthened, transformed and could be more effective in their ministry.