Practice leads to continual practice – Amy Deng

Recently, I’ve helped myself to develop a one page “worksheet” to walk out the truth more comprehensively in my daily life. I fill in my gains from personal time in drawing near to God through singing and worship, and reading the Bible; gains from sharing or praying with my spiritual partner(s) and any church meetings; and any reminders that I had received either from the Lord or from those around me. This helps to prompt me to do the “one thing that is needed” (draw near to God) daily, and to consolidate my gains throughout the day, so that I do not let each day fly past without anchoring onto the most nourishing things in life. I hope that I will become skillful to reflect on my gains in the future, and do not expect to have to keep filling out a worksheet when I am stable to do it every day.

On the same worksheet, I also note down any additional prayer items that I need to pray for, and leave ample space for my daily thanksgiving items. I found that after making myself write down thanksgiving items daily, I saw the Lord’s grace to me more concretely.

Other items on my worksheet include columns for a brief outline of my daily schedule and focus, and anything or anyone that I need to follow up on. There is also a special tick box next to “exercise”, as it is something that I would like to be stable in!

I feel that this worksheet has helped me to be less forgetful and more diligent. This practice begets more motivation to continue even more, and I feel myself having more strength to take up more tasks, or face challenges.

Although I have more to do as a new mother, I feel more free because I have a better structure in my daily life!