Our Spirit is Satisfied Only When We Worship God and Deeply Experience Him

Series 5
Episode 1
Speaker: Daniel Yu
Message Date: February 17, 2020


Brothers and sisters, today’s topic of Treasures for the Soul is “Our Spirit is Satisfied Only When We Worship God and Deeply Experience Him”. In John chapter 4, Jesus tells the Samaritan woman to worship the Father in spirit and truth. Worship is most precious. When we pursue other things in the world, we will not be satisfied, because they are things “under the sun”. Christ is already seated at the right hand of God. At the same time, He is in our hearts. Therefore, we can experience Him and enjoy His presence. Experiencing God and having interflow of love with Him can satisfy our lives the most. This is “above the sun”, for we are having fellowship with the Lord, who is above the sun.


John 4:23-24 reads, “But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him.  God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” Now the Lord spoke these words to the Samaritan woman. Right at the beginning of their conversation, the Lord already talked about this. I believe that the Lord knew that she would believe in Him and would later experience the truth of these words. Love relationships are considered to be most captivating to one’s heart in this world, and this woman had experienced it multiple times, but was left unsatisfied. She thirsted in her spirit. The Lord wanted to give her the living water. He also spoke to her about worship.
We need to enter into worship, or we will not be satisfied. Whether before or after you believed in the Lord, the devil has been trying all means to tempt you, making you think that you wouldn’t be satisfied until you had gained those things. For instance, for relationships, he may make you think that you must be with a certain person in order to be happy, and without them you would never be happy. The fact is, nobody in this world has that person, you’re not the only one; does it mean the whole world is sad? King Solomon had much possession and many concubines. As a king, he tried his best to enjoy all that he could with his abundant resources and royal position. Yet, his conclusion was “vanity of vanities”. Nothing “under the sun” can satisfy your heart, no matter what you try to pursue. You will only experience emptiness. Only things “above the sun” can satisfy you.
Paul reminds us to “seek the things that are above” (Col. 3:1) because they are precious and there’s One who is incomparable. All things were created by the Lord, who is the most precious. Paul further said, “Where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.” This saying is so precious! Christ is there. Not only is He the Son of God. Christ means that He became a Man for us. This means He would have come to the earth, so why then is He now in heaven? Because He died and resurrected for us. He has already won the victory of love. He proclaimed, “It’s finished!” Then the Father said to Him, “Sit at my right.” He experienced such a precious journey of love for us. Having accomplished all, He sat at the right of God.
Although the Lord is in glory, which seems so far away from us, Paul mentioned in Colossians that Christ is in us, becoming the hope of glory (Col. 1:27). The Lord who is in glory, at the right hand of God, His Spirit is also living in our hearts. We’re most deeply united with Him. We have a very deep relationship with Him. Not only is He in heaven, holding all authority, as head over all things to the church, and causing all things to work together for us, He has become our hope of glory in us. We can experience and enjoy the Lord who loves us so much. He became a Man, died for us, and lives in heaven for us forever.
It is so glorious that we can know the eternal Lord who has also become Christ. He is our High Priest who has removed the hindrance between God and man. As a High Priest, He helps us to experience God. The Father has set His beloved Son as the High Priest not only to accomplish the glorious salvation, He forever lives to help us to come before God and deeply experience Him. He also prays for us.
After we believe in God, we have a new glorious focus in life. Great things have happened in our lives! As young believers, we might only have known that our sins were forgiven, and we were saved from hell. In fact, all things are yours because the Lord is yours! You just need to understand and enjoy more and experience more deeply. There are two Bible books that I treasure most. They both speak about our deepest relationship with God. One is the Gospel of John. It was written by the Apostle John, who once physically leaned against the Lord’s bosom. Although the Lord has ascended to heaven, our spirit can embrace the Lord and we can be in His bosom. The other book that I treasure is the Song of Solomon. It speaks about the Lord’s love, how to draw near to Him and experience Him, and the way to enjoy His love. The first chapter says, “Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth!” (Song 1:2) Isn’t that precious? Someone once asked, “Is this universe friendly?” I’ll tell you that the universe is more than just friendly, because the One who created the universe loves us so much! He is our intimate Friend and our true Beloved. Therefore, this universe is indeed beyond friendly! It is full of love. So many things are working together for you! Even after man sinned, God remains the same.
When you enter into worship and deeply experience the Lord, and have love interflow with Him, you will feel that He is precious, and you would be attracted to Him. You will experience what the Song of Solomon talks about–instead of “vanity of vanities”, as mentioned in Ecclesiastes–you will experience the things “above the sun”, our Abba Father and our Lord Jesus. After we believed in the Lord, our lives were changed. Think about it, the things we talk about now is so different from the things we talked about when we were new believers. Having said that, I don’t mean what we learned as new believers is not essential. For example, our sins being forgiven was one of the first things we learned. But we can also have deeper understanding in the Lord, because He created us to be able to experience His love. You have experienced these things in your hearts, that is why you can understand, and the Holy Spirit will open your eyes. He loves each one of us so dearly. Therefore, He desires to open our inner eyes, that we may enter into His love and enjoy the truth. During the night before His crucifixion, the Lord Jesus prayed to the Father to send the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truths, and the truth of His love. The Holy Spirit is God and He helps us. The Spirit leads us into the Father’s love. He came so that we may cry out “Abba Father.” He also leads us to the Lord Jesus. He outpours God’s love into our hearts so we can deeply experience Abba and the Lord’s love, which of course nourishes our hearts.
The Lord also spoke to the Samaritan woman regarding this truth, that she needed to know the Lord, and her life would no longer be a “vanity of vanities”. Instead, her life would be filled with the abundance that replaces the vanities. She could enjoy the Father by having a deep relationship and fellowship with the Father, the Infinite One, where her heart would be filled. And of course she would also enjoy the Lord Himself.

About this series:

Series 5: Our Spirit Being Able to Enjoy the Lord

Our Spirit Being Able to Enjoy the Lord

Message Date: Jan 17, 2020

Our spirit can indeed worship God deeply. When we experience having love interflow with Him, we will realize His preciousness more. Our spirit will overflow and will never be empty. How should we worship God? We must do so with spirit and truth. The Bible mentions many times about the spiritual eyes. We must use our inner eyes to behold the Lord, His beauty and glory; and learn to behold that the Lord is in glory, everywhere, and living in our hearts at the same time. It’s important for us to be able to enjoy the Lord and be drawn by Him. For example, when we sing and worship, we should sing with our hearts. Also, through the truth in the hymn, we should enjoy the Lord’s beauty and glory, and His love towards us. It is very nourishing to just enjoy the plain truth in the hymn; there’s no need to forcefully think deeper of the content. Just respond to the Lord with the feelings in your heart, and when you do so, you are also enjoying Him. It’s most precious to be attracted by the Lord. The Song of Solomon mentions three times “That you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases.” That means in worship, when we are attracted by the Lord, and when our spirit is enjoying the Lord’s embrace, we should not let anything disturb us, even ourselves. Stay longer and enjoy quietly. This will affect us tremendously. We will love the Lord more from enjoying Him and His love more.

Our Spirit is Satisfied Only When We Worship God and Deeply Experience Him


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Looking at the Lord with our Inner Eyes


Our Spirit Needs to Enjoy the Lord Himself


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Realize Being Heart to Heart with the Lord in Singing and Worship

Table of Contents

01 Introduction of Treasures for the Soul
10.1 The Love Desire in the Depths of Abba and the Lord’s hearts
10.2 Fruit of the Lord’s Crucifixion: Eternal Life
10.3 The Lord Came to Manifest the Father’s Name
10.4 The Father Sent His Only Begotten Son
10.5 Reminders on enjoying heart to heart with the Father
10.6 The Father’s Desire for Me is Forever Steadfast
11.1 The preciousness of the Letter to Philemon
11.2 The most profitable; the most accepted.
11.3 Charge That to My Account
11.4 The Father made the Lord our eternal High Priest by an oath (1)
11.5 The Father made the Lord our eternal High Priest by an oath (2)
11.6 We are the Lord’s darling love
12.1 The Lord’s Words at the Last Supper
12.2 Apart from the Lord, we can do nothing.
12.3 What is true faith?
12.4 Look upon the Lord in glory
11.5 Trust and Peace (1)
12.6 Trust and Peace (2)
16.1 See that the Lord is at the right hand of the Father
16.2 Coming to Mount Zion (1): the meaning of Mount Sinai
16.3 Coming to Mount Zion (2): the difficulty in forgiveness of sins
16.4 Coming to Mount Zion (3): to Live in Grace
16.5 Having Come to the Heavenly Jerusalem
16.6 What is in the heavenly Jerusalem (1)?
1.1 The Most Blessed Generation
1.2 Message from John the Baptist
1.3 Abide in the Lord Always
1.4 Abide in the Lord’s Love at All Times
1.5 The Lord Speaks to Us and Helps Us in Our Hearts
2.1 God’s Greatest Work Starts in Our Hearts
2.2 To Be Heart to Heart with the Lord Throughout the Year
2.3 Our Spirits can Feel God and Have Fellowship with Him
2.4 The Importance of Peace
2.5 Our Spirits Need the Words of God
2.6 Give the Lord Time and Space to Speak in Our Hearts
3.1 The World Needs People Who Deeply Experience God
3.2 Just as His Anointing 
Has Taught You, 
Abide in the Lord
3.3 Be Influenced 
by the Lord Throughout 
this Year
4.1 Enjoying God’s Peace in Your heart
4.2 Let Not Your Hearts be Troubled, Neither Let Them be Afraid.
4.3 How Should Our Spirit Respond to the Lord?
5.1 Our Spirit is Satisfied Only When We Worship God and Deeply Experience Him
5.2 How to Worship God with Our Spirit
5.3 Looking at the Lord with our Inner Eyes
5.4 Our Spirit Needs to Enjoy the Lord Himself
5.5 The Song of Solomon Often Mentions About “Eyes”
5.6 Realize Being Heart to Heart with the Lord in Singing and Worship
6.1 Living a life of union with the Lord in a stable pattern every day
6.2 Enjoying the Lord and not being disturbed
6.3 The Importance of Seeing Him with Our Spiritual Eyes
7.1 Learn to Protect Our Spirits From Virus Prevention
7.2 Our Spirit Can Hear, Think, and See
7.3 How to Live a Life of Faith
7.4 The Importance of the Mind
7.5 David’s Eyes Beheld the Lord Always
8.1 The Lord established with us the eternal love covenant by His blood
8.2 The Lord Treasures the New Covenant and Break-Bread Meeting the Most
8.3 Love Encounters
8.4 Before His Crucifixion, the Lord clearly explained the essence of the blessings of the new covenant: the fourth blessing
8.5 Before His Crucifixion, the Lord clearly explained the essence of the blessings of the new covenant: the first blessing (1)
8.6 Before His Crucifixion, the Lord clearly explained the essence of the blessings of the new covenant: the first blessing (2)
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