“Phone Sing” Worship Team Testimonials (Toronto) #10

I joined the Phone Sing worship this morning. I enjoyed it so much. Violin taught us to just listen to brothers and sisters' worship, and it is that simple to bring us to go back to the Lord.
Joey Chow
I enjoyed the Phone Sing worship a lot. I saw more, and understood the Song of Solomon Chapter 8 more. The worship of brothers and sisters were short, to the point; and even though only a few voiced out, the enjoyment was still very deep.
Meiwa So
I joined the 11:30 Phone Sing worship. I feel you can do so much and enjoy so much in just half an hour! Many sweet pictures came to my mind and helped to lift up my day at work.
Tina Fung
I joined the Phone Sing worship. 🙂 It was so enjoyable. In a really short time, I could enter deeply into the truths and really felt the Lord. I like the guided meditations, especially how Violin described some of the pictures at the end.
Jessie Tang
I joined the Phone Sing worship at 11 and 11:30 and both were very enjoyable, and both had different mediations. I was able to voice out in the 11 am one, because Violin gave a chance to those who didn’t voice out yet to do so. I was touched to tell the Lord what I wanted.
Doreen To