“Phone Sing” Worship Team Testimonials #11

Benefits of Phone Sing

The arrangement of the phone sing worship during this pandemic has uplifted my spirit. Before, when I was working, I could only see brothers and sisters during the meeting days, and talked to them one more time for weekly phone prayers. Because of the arrangements, I can sing and worship with brothers and sisters every day. I look forward to it. I get to worship with brothers and sisters from all over the world too. I really experienced the global unity. Although it’s only a short 20 minutes each time, but I enjoy it very much. I learned to be even more focused in this short time. I have to be accountable for myself since no one is watching me.
Michael Li
My Eternal Family

It's been almost a month since we have been having fellowships via Zoom, and although I'm physically adjusted to it, I missed seeing and physically being with brothers and sisters. I enjoy hearing their prayers and occasionally seeing them on video, but it's still different. Although I didn't talk a lot when I was with brothers and sisters in the past, I enjoyed being with them physically. Just realizing and seeing them around me would make me happy. On Zoom, I'd smile when I saw their names on the participants list while reminiscing about being among them in past meetings. I know I am not alone in missing being with brothers and sisters. I long for the day that we're all cleared to gather together. Despite the physical distance, God made use of the situation as a blessing. I enjoy Phone-Sing worship, even with those from abroad, although I wasn't familiar with them. We are all one family who have the same restrictions, and we all worship the same God faithfully, and are anticipating the big reunion where we will always see and be with one another with no hinderance.
John Leung