“Phone Sing” Worship Team Testimonials (Children) #12

The Phone Sing Worship Time is when we gather and worship God on the phone, because we have to stay at home and we cannot go to church. In Phone Sing, we sing songs and pray, read the Bible, learn Chinese, and, at the end, we turn on our videos to see each other’s faces.

What I learned from Phone Sing is to “preset” and prepare myself before the Lord. I “preset” by praying to the Lord to help me how to enjoy the worship. I also cleared out my stuff (toys/books) from my desk to help me focus and have less distractions. I set up my device in a good spot, so I don’t need to touch it or move it. All of these help me to focus and enjoy the meeting with brothers and sisters.

I feel so happy that we can still worship with many brothers and sisters and enjoy God’s love during this time. I still feel close with brothers and sisters even though we cannot go to church together.
Nathanael Li (9 years old)
In the morning, I like to have Phone Sing with Austin and Nathanael Li. We sing a hymn, worship God, talk and share about what we gained from the Bible verses, and then we have quiet time before the Lord. Nathanael Li usually picks the song and sings it. My favorite part of phone sing is singing songs to the Lord, because I can experience God’s love and care by singing songs to Him. I also like video time, because it’s fun, and we can see each other’s faces during the pandemic time.
Haydrian (8 years old)