“Phone Sing” Worship Team 齊來拜一拜 Testimonials #7

我認定,確定你是我一生追求, pursue. I am confirmed when I sang you will surely give me the best. I devote myself to God and know concretely the church I can eagerly work for.
Mark Wong
I was able to join phone sing worship last Thursday. I felt nervous at first but at the end my heart was satisfied. We were able to pray for all brothers and sisters to have a lifestyle closest to Him in these most difficult times.
Leon Lee
I enjoy the phone sing worship each day. Each session is a short time, but this conditioned me to set my mind to be involved - not just listen. Also, I can feel from brothers and sisters sincere prayers that they enter deep into worship. The training to actively listen to their prayers and make it my own helps. I can feel the unity with one another and with God even when apart.
Eric Lee