“Phone Sing” Worship Team 齊來拜一拜 Testimonials #6

“The Father’s love”

When I sang one of the songs during the Phone Sing worship time this morning, I realized how much the Father loves me. Truly, “from young to old, He fosters me.”

I recalled kneeling down to pray when my parents were quarrelling. I was studying at St. John Baptist Elementary School. God the Father answered my prayers. I did not know who I could ask to ease my pains—all I knew was to pray the "daily prayer" we learned in school repeatedly. I did not know exactly who or where God was.

Now, I treasure that He led me to come to Vancouver. My homestay host was a Catholic, and I was so glad to attend the mass by her invitation. But something happened that caused me to feel disappointed. I decided not to go to church anymore.

Then I met a brother called Billy; I felt his care for me. I was stubborn to refuse to go to church at first, because of the unpleasant experience of the past; but I finally decided to go once to show my gratitude to this brother. I did not go for God. I then repented at that first gospel meeting I attended at our church. Abba Father has truly been taking care of me and leading me my whole life.
Mark Wong
In the morning phone sing worship, I feel Father is with us always and troubles will fade away. I was reminded of the crown of life. It will be reserved for those who are faithful in trials. He will comfort us.
Devin Liao