“Phone Sing” Worship Team 齊來拜一拜 Testimonials #5

I am not alone

I have really been enjoying the “Phone Sing” worship everyday. Despite this uncertain and challenging time, I can shift my attention from all the negative news to His grace and beautiful heart. He encourages and comforts me so much through all the brothers and sisters’ prayers. I feel so blessed that I’m not alone.
Margret Huang

寶貴年長弟兄姊妹安排早上至中午,有不同時段的20分鐘,綱上唱詩,敬拜,禱告及有時加插讀聖經。這短短時間,真的很快幫助心靈去到神面前; 因看到屬靈的真相,心靈很滋潤,也幫助我們與弟兄姊妹的心靈拉得很近。 再者,自已個人親近主得供應,感受整日生活很有力,用神眼光看一切,充滿喜樂和盼望。


方美玉 Louisa Fong
感謝主,可以參加溫哥華網上一同敬拜,雖然只有20分鐘,但感受主的同在,弟兄姐妹三四句的回應,感動我的心。 透過「萬重山」及「每當我想念你的愛」 兩首詩歌,體會主的苦與甜,雖然要面對十字架的痛苦;但看見能得著我的喜樂,所以祂願意付上自己,這愛感動我的心,使我要更敬畏祂,更愛祂。 我珍貴能與不同區域的弟兄姐妹一同敬拜,雖然有些不認識,但卻能同感一靈,一同敬拜主。
Sister Faith (JB Malaysia)
Thank God that I could join the phone sing worship at 8am Vancouver time (our local time at 11pm). Although it was 20 minutes worship, I enjoyed a lot, deeper than what I expected. Especially last night, we sang "Many mountains" and "每當我想念你的愛", I could taste the sweetness and bitterness of the Lord’s heart. He saw the joy ahead, but His body suffered the greatest pain.

I treasured to have such a chance to worship with brothers and sisters from different regions.
Belinda (Singapore)
During this period of time, we have phone sing meeting every day, Monday to Friday. I really treasure this time because we are still able to meet with brothers and sisters and worship with them. Even though, there are a lot of things happening, we can still find time to get together. I think the Lord is indeed happy that we have tried so hard to still worship Him.
Gladys, Alpha Group