“Phone Sing” Worship Team 齊來拜一拜 Testimonials #3

I enjoyed the phone sing time because it is the time during the day where I can have worship time with many brothers and sisters. It also helps me to be closer to God.
Timothy Chow
Phone sing prayers are great! I enjoyed the short 20 minutes with the brothers and sisters. I was able to enjoy both the 9 am one and the 12 pm one.
Elijah Cheung
I give thanks for the phone sing meetings because I am able to start the day off with the Lord and brothers and sisters. I enjoy being able to hear each ones prayers and sharings and also sharing what I have gained through the worship. Even though it is just 20 mins, I am able to have good worship and spiritual gains.
Truman Ho
I enjoy worshipping with brothers and sister in phone song time. I think it is very meaningful to pursue with brothers and sisterss during the week. I feel like being close with God and with brothers and sisters is a great blessing. I treasure that we can spend this time together.
Heman Ho