Personal time, Partner time and Team time – Katy Law

For the past few months, the Crystal and Sapphire sisters have been working on personal time, partner time and team time. Throughout the process, I’ve realized that each of these is the key to my spiritual growth. In this month, I tried to focus on these more and made sure I had sufficient personal time, partner time and team time throughout my week. I also tried to have good planning for each of them.

I found that my spiritual enjoyment and appetite increased, which allowed me to receive words from the Lord faster and easier.

Furthermore, improvement in one of them helped me in the other. For example, when I had good partner time and shared more with my partner, I felt more encouraged to involve myself in team time, to take initiative and to share more with this family. This also built up a good habit for me to share with more brothers and sisters, which in turn, solidified my gains from the Lord!

The Lord has indeed given us the way to always have success in our spiritual growth!