Open House so fun and meaningful!

On Sunday, August 23, Light and Love Home held its annual Open House. This year, our goal was to have fun and meet new friends. Therefore, we tried to minimize the work by keeping it simple with performances, food booths, yard sale and simple game booths. Instead of having the prize draw at the end of the event, it was done throughout the event with the person in charge approaching new friends. It was fun, and we had many new friends join us!

Also, many people from the public heard about the butterfly release through the press release on the 24 Hrs newspaper. It was meaningful and touching to raise funds for the children and projects in Myanmar.



另外,很多公眾人仕從「Vancouver 24Hrs」報章得知我們放蝴蝶的項目,為緬甸的兒童及慈惠計劃籌款,實在是充滿意義和感人的時刻。