Online Church Meeting Testimonials

I Enjoy the Convenience of Gathering Together

I think that it is very convenient that we can gather together in this time. We can listen to the message through Zoom and other apps. I only need to type in the meeting code, and it will allow me to enjoy the meeting and enjoy the Lord. It is also beneficial to me, because I can join as many meetings as I want! I can wake up and join the morning Zoom meetings and enjoy the Lord and His love towards me! Every day I can start my morning off hearing the prayers of brothers and sisters. I especially enjoy hearing the voices of the younger brothers and sisters in the mornings. I think it’s so precious that they can gather together and sing hymns to the Lord! They also have some time to practice their Chinese skills! It’s very entertaining to hear them practice their Chinese, because they mostly speak English! In these last few weeks, my mornings were filled with happiness, joy, and the presence of the Lord!
Katy Law
I Like the Online Meetings Because We Can Still See Brothers and Sisters Every Day.

The online meetings are very enjoyable for me. It helps me to see brothers and sisters’ faces every day. Even though we can’t see each other face to face, but thanks to Zoom, we can connect with them virtually. Through Zoom, I’m able to join the children’s fellowship in the morning! I delight in this, because of the sharing! I enjoy these the most, because we can still interact with brothers and sisters by hearing and observing them while they’re sharing! I enjoy it so greatly to the point that I want to make it longer! I cherish the time that we have together. I’m very happy to be able to join this fellowship!
Gladys Hui
I Find the Online Meetings are Very Good for me and my Spirit!

Even though the coronavirus has stopped us from coming together as one family, I find that this actually help my spirit to grow! I can join the Zoom meetings every day and draw near to the Lord and Abba. This helps me to keep a good routine, even when we are away from school. However, I still miss brothers and sisters dearly. It’s been so long since I saw them face to face, but thanks to this week’s family time, I could see all the brothers and sisters that I have missed!

I give thanks to God that we can have a group of brothers and sisters that work so hard to arrange this for us. They really have a heart for God. I want to, too! During this time, I want to spend more time with the Lord and Abba and know Them more!
Michelle Yu