One Heart with God – Katy Lee Law

Recently I’ve been listening to messages from Sermon about the 7 Wonders. In one message, he talked about how the Holy Spirit and the Lord’s Spirit both help us cry out “Abba Father.” It made me think about how it was the Lord who came to declare the Father’s name on the earth. It gave me a deep feeling, and this is my response to Abba Father:

“Abba, You’ve been neglected and misunderstood for far too long. And the Lord and the Holy Spirit both desire, like You, that we have a heart of a true child to call You Abba. You give Your all to make this happen.

Abba, so often we just think about how good You are to us…how You know our thoughts and our desires. How You understand us fully and accompany us always. How You listen to our prayers and are involved in every aspect of our lives. But…what about You? How do You feel and think? What do You desire and what are Your plans? Abba, like the Lord and the Holy Spirit, I want to be of the same mind as You! I want to focus less on myself and care more about what You desire, think and plan. I want to bring more sons back to Your bosom! I want to make You happy! I want to satisfy Your heart!”