Once believed – Forever connected with God – Amy Man

I would like to share with you my gains from listening to one of Brother Daniel Yu’s messages recently. In the message, Brother Yu shared that once we believe in God, we are forever connect with God; Abba, the Lord, and the Holy Spirit abide in us. Our feelings and condition may change (maybe like thunder storms sometimes); yet, our connection with God is unshakable, unchanged, and eternal.

This truth helps me to treasure my life with God everyday. Daily, I would mediate on and rejoice in my identity that I’m a child of God and forever connected with Him. This helps me to give thanks and to see the beauty in all things. For example, I would not easily feel angry or hopeless when I face challenges. Assuredly, I know I’m not facing the challenge alone; God is with me, He is in control of all things. This gives me hope, peace, and rest. Dear all, God forever abides in us once we believe in Him. May we all live in Him and enjoy this truth every day.