North American Camp 2017

The Lord has blessed our North American camp held in February. Over 30 brothers and sisters joined together with local coworkers to pursue together and to understand His will. God’s presence was great in the camp. Many brothers and sisters realized the preciousness of the essence of the second journey of this movement. Moreover, we are amazed by God’s great work around the world in the third journey, how he wanted to use us to bring many back to Him.

The sharing from the children and youths impressed everyone. At young age, they too can experience God in meetings, and they can take up the leadership role in their fellowship. Many coworkers are renewed in their concept about children ministry.

After the camp, some brothers and sisters express that they want to walk steadfastly on the everlasting way and finishing way and spend more time to draw near to God. Some feel truly blessed to be in this movement, being able to understand the core truth and live it out. Others are determined to take part in the Lord’s work by joining mission trips.

May the Lord continue to do His mighty work and use us to bring forth a lasting revival in North America that can influence and bless the whole world!