My true value in God – John Leung

Brother Sermon’s message on Friday about the Lord being forever a Man really touched me so much that I felt he was speaking especially to me. He explained the difference between how God and we define our worth. I kept nodding in agreement when he named what we usually value one by one: handsomeness, education level, career, wealth, marital status, and living conditions; because these are all what I desire but cannot seem to obtain. As people around me, including brothers and sisters, obtain jobs, get married, and raise their own families, I can’t help but envy them and question God’s love towards me.

What Brother Sermon mentioned next served as a reminder about my true value. Not only has the Lord created me and set my value, but He also desired to become a Man and be similar to me in all things. He treasures to be a Man, He is still a Man in glory, and He lives in my heart. These all show how valuable I am.

I need to rely on Him and be faithful to withstand the negative thoughts that the devil plants in me and leave me frustrated. I need to overcome negativity and experience the joy, the blessings, and the hope that the Lord has for me, so that I may realize my true value and not be deceived by worldly concepts. As one line from the song “Emmanuel, God is Forever Man” states: “Forever a Man, You make me know my own value and my precious position in Your heart”—I need to treasure this truth!