My Trip to India – Blue Ngo (Treasure)

I felt honoured when I received the invitation to join the trip to India. I know this is not somewhere that everyone could go, for the environment can be challenging to endure.

I wanted to be prepared and equipped for this trip. I wanted to build good health by doing more exercise and eating more simple and healthy meals. God also encouraged me by opening a way at work so I could change vacations with short notice. He treasures that I can go for Him again after I had my daughter.

I learned that many local brothers and sisters also traveled a long way and took many hours by train to join this camp. Everyone paid a price to pursue and meet each other. I treasure each of them. They are my global family. I do not feel any distance despite the fact that we don’t speak the same language. A gesture, a smile, or a hug showed how much we loved one another.


In meetings, the overseas team shared small steps on how to worship and realize God’s presence. Most importantly, the team shared what God wants the most. I strongly felt God’s presence and His passion in all the meetings.


I witnessed Indian brothers and sisters experience the same–the presence of God, His true image through beholding, worship and prayers. Many of them changed in a few days. I saw their joy and sweetness when they drew close to God, and they learned how to be close to God throughout the day by setting a good schedule and break times.


These practices are not new to me, but I am deeply impacted that these practices changed local brothers and sisters so much. What we shared in the meeting and how we live could bring such blessings to them. I experienced great joy in my heart that I can bless others by the truths and spiritual practices. What I learned in Vancouver, every practice and step of being close to God, can bless many.


When Indian brothers and sisters knew what God wanted the most and experienced God through living together and setting a good schedule, they were confident and steadfast to walk on this way.


Not only have I been deeply confirmed about this everlasting way, and that pursuing can bring many nations to go back to God, I want to further equip myself for the future in learning how to teach and guide people to experience Him. God wants this family to truly know Him, and enjoy Him.


What we have and what we learn in Vancouver are priceless. I treasure these much more and I love my global family so much. I miss them a lot. So, I am determined to wake up early every morning to join global phone sing daily to pursue together.