My Recent Gifts from God – John Leung (Forest)

Sunday, Jan. 21, was my baptism anniversary.  I felt that God is reminding me of my precious identity and encouraging me to keep improving through recent meetings and worships.

During Sunday’s break-bread meeting, I was touched when brothers and sisters declared to follow Jesus every day.  When I prayed that I’d follow Him, I recalled  making the same declaration at my baptism, not knowing what to expect.  Now, seventeen years later, I thank Him for leading me to green pastures and still waters to calm the storms in my heart.

I also thanked God for preparing and establishing the church in Vancouver as I  worshiped with two long-time believing brothers at a recent lunchtime worship. While my parents brought me to Vancouver for a better life, God brought me here so I may gain Him and God’s family that are eternal.  The truths that I have learned from this movement helped me to grow spiritually and to overcome negative mindset.

Sharing from the Langley group and Calgary mission team on Wednesday meetings encouraged me to lay aside distractions to enjoy God more and be more firm in His love.  Besides settling and involving myself in meetings, I have also been turning to God more often throughout the day and listening to more messages, especially about being a new creation, which helped me to understand myself more and inspired me to further improve.

My goal for this year is to be a concrete wall for God, instead of a revolving door that lets negative thoughts or distractions go in and out of my mind.  This is inspired through the analogy of our spiritual maturity described in Song of Solomon chapter eight during a recent Wednesday meeting.  I want to be a greater blessing to those around me.