My personal experience with God – Sunshine Group

Sofia Chau
After I quit my first job, I was jobless for almost a year. My savings were almost gone and I was worried sick about how to survive once I’ve spent my last savings. I prayed to God. He understands my worries and my needs. When I was reaching to my last ~$500, I got a job. And it’s one that suited me.

Alice Tan
I had to take a driving test, but it was raining very hard. I was very scared so I prayed to the lord to stop the rain. When I got into the car with the examiner, it was still raining very hard. The moment I started the car, the rain stopped and the sun came out a little. I was very happy. It didn’t rain the whole time when I was taking the driving test. It only started to rain again after I parked the car. The best thing was I passed the test! Thanks to God! He really cares!