My personal experience with God – Sapphire Group

Kerry Li
I am an international student. I used to live with my family members in the same household. There were also many good friends who lived in the same community. I had a lot of loved ones surrounding me. Honestly, I did not know how to take care of myself or do house chores such as cooking, cleaning and so on in the past. Therefore, when I first cooked in the homestay, I almost burned the house due to using the microwave inappropriately. Since then, the homestay mother no longer allows me to cook by myself.

In the past, I did not know much about God, but I knew that I could pray to Him and talk to Him. I started to become friend with Him. I shared my happiness and my sadness with Him, also little things or big things throughout the day. For example, what I did in school, what I cooked today, everything I would like to share with Him. Every time, when I talked with Him, I felt warm and encouraged like an intimate friend. Even though, there are not many friends and family members around me, I feel His love, presence, and care.

Wendy Kuang
I was a shy girl, and had bad time management. After I believed in God, He brought me a lot of friends, and we have spent much great times together. I became more open and would like to know more brothers and sisters. Also, I used to spend a lot of time entertaining, but now, I know how to control myself and make my life meaningful.

Stephanie Lee
My parents were divorced when I was still studying in elementary school. Back then, I didn’t like dining out because I’m afraid that people would notice that my dad was not eating with us. I didn’t want other people to find out that I didn’t have a father at home. Though I have a father, but I seldom taste the fatherly love since then. So I learned to be strong, but deep down in my heart, I truly needed a father.
I give thanks that God knows me personally. He knows my family background and what I need the most. After I believed in the Lord, God opened His fatherly heart to me. I deeply experienced that God is my Father, my true Abba. I loved to talk and sing to Abba. And Abba always spoke to me through the songs and the Bible. I felt that my heart was tightly connected with His. My heart felt so warm and was filled by His fatherly love. Also, there’s a song very special to Abba and me. There were many times when I was down, this song was chosen and sung in the meetings. Then I knew that Abba wanted to speak to me through that song so that my heart could be comforted and encouraged. I’m so glad that I finally found out my true identity and the purpose of why I’m created. I’m created to be God’s dearest child. Though my family was incomplete, but I’m so thankful that I can go back to my eternal true Abba and my heart was healed in His bosom.

Abba can give us the most personal love. All of us are in different situations. He knows what we are doing every day. He sees us from up high.
Ivy Ma
God listened to my prayer and brought to me a great roommate.

May Leung
When I was waiting to receive an operation in the hospital 3 years ago, I talked to God very often. There was a time that the Lord told me that “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” I knew that I wouldn’t die. What happened later on really was just like His promise. I almost died, but I recovered gradually in the past three years.