My personal experience with God – Pillar Group

Andy Yung
After one of my P.E. classes, I realized I had forgotten my locker code. I had left my homework in my locker and was very worried about it. I prayed to God and He gave me peace and helped me not to worry. After that, I went to class and my teacher let me hand it in after school.

Elon Suen
One summer after I graduated from post-secondary school, I went to Fiji to volunteer and visit the Church there. I was hit by a car and experienced a lot of pain. Every morning, I sat under the sun by the beach and looked out. I was worrying about my future career and my dreams. I have never thought that I would ever be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. At that moment, I really felt that I will have to spend the rest of my life in one. I experienced His personal love and words. Many people tried to comfort me, but I told myself that I also have to face the reality that they could not fully help me. The Lord comforted me and told me He will never forget about me. I was touched. Even after coming back, sometimes when I walk, I felt a lot of pain. I know I couldn’t depend on anyone because they have no ability to take the pain away from me. I could only look to the Lord and He comforted me.

Hong Yan
When I first graduated, I was still very focused on my future career. I wanted to just focus on starting, but at the same time, I couldn’t ignore God. The job market in Vancouver was very poor at the time. I had many friends who had been looking for over a year, but couldn’t find anything. I was considering leaving to go to Toronto to work, but knew I should stay in Vancouver for the other aspects of my life. I gave God a demand at that time: give me a job in 6 months or I will go to Toronto. I wasn’t being fair to God about it as I really only started looking for a job 3 months later, as my decision was already leaning towards Toronto. Yet beyond all my expectations, I got 2 job offers at almost exactly the 6 month mark. After that, I felt God really cared about what I did and how I lived my life.