My personal experience with God – Mighty Men Group

Johnny Chiu
After believing in God, during my kindergarten, when my mother walked me to school in the morning, whenever I looked up to the sky, I felt that God is very kind to me and very close to me. That kind of feeling of warmth is still very vivid in my heart after all these years. Although my sickness was not improving at that time and I suffered a lot, whenever I thought of Him, or reading the Bible alone, my heart felt warm and at peace.

John Leung
In 2013, nine months after a breakup, I had finally accepted the fact that the relationship had ended. However, during a hiking trip as I was being driven pass the ferry terminal that I used to frequently access to visit my then-girlfriend, I burst into tears as I silently begged God to help me to move on. He then comforted me in a hymn, which read, “For the Lord, I’ll break my flask and offer my perfume for Him, for He treasured what Mary did.” In the Bible, it was recorded that Mary broke a flask of an expensive perfume, equaled to a year’s earning at the time, and anointed Jesus to prepare for His burial. From that, God encouraged me to offer my heart to Him—to love Him—like Mary did, because He desires this the most.

Elvis Hui
One time, I was lying on the bed and prayed to God. I really felt released and the prayer got listened to on the next day.

Allan Cheuk
One time, some twelve years ago, I had severe stomach pain and was hospitalized. The cause was unknown at that time. It was so bad that I could not even sleep – two nights as far as I can remember. I was very tired and sleepy and the severe pain made me lie awake. I sat on the bed through the night until after the doctor’s visit at 6am. I looked out the window and prayed to Lord Jesus that if He is willing, to alleviate my pain so that I could sleep. In a short time, my pain was gone and I was able to sleep. In that experience, I not only experienced the Lord’s power, but also his personal love towards me.

Stephen Choi
In 2012, my dad passed away. At that time, I still had some doubts about my dad’s salvation. The Lord used Isaiah 57:1, “for the righteous man is taken away from calamity,” to comfort and strengthen me.

Thomas Chuah
There was a time of period as a new believer, when there was something I really wanted to gain. Unfortunately, after a while it became clear someone else was going to get it. I was quite depressed, but the Lord reassured me through Matthew 6:33 – seek first for God and He will provide you what you truly need. I felt He understood how I was feeling and wanted to really address the root of my problems.

Mark Wong
I experienced God in a personal way, on the day that I got baptized. After baptism in the afternoon, I read bible in the evening and covered myself with a blanket at my bed. I felt I loved the bible reading so much.