My personal experience with God – Alpha Group

Jenny Lee
There was a time when my dogs passed away, that I felt depressed because they grew up with me and it was heartbreaking that they left. One morning at home, I found a light floral scent that was very nice and refreshing. I was attracted to it, but I couldn’t find where it was coming from. I thought having some flowers would make me feel better, so I asked God to make me happy again and told Him I wanted flowers! But the whole day, I couldn’t find any flowers that I wanted. Then later that day to my surprise, I received news from UBC that I would be having a job interview! I was so excited, because based on experience, I never heard back from them after applying. I was starting to have my hopes down from waiting for a reply, but God answered my prayers. That really made my day. He knew better how to cheer me up than just giving me some flowers. But then, God is also very faithful and remembers well. The next day when I went home, I found the flowers I wanted. The scent was actually from the flowers of a tree plant that was at the entrance of my house. If I were to have lifted my head up slightly, I would have found it earlier.

Katy Lee Law
There have been times in my life when I’ve faced very big difficulties and I felt God’s personal comfort and help. No matter how much I talked to people about my situation or how much they tried to comfort me, I always felt that they didn’t truly understand what I was going through. But every time, when I turn to God and pour out my heart to Him, I feel His personal love to me. He heals my heart and helps me move on.