My perfect Father – Katy Lee Law

Teaching Kindergarten again these two weeks has been very busy! The children are so new to school that they need me for practically everything (Imagine having 22 little children calling your name one after another or all at the same time for six hours a day nonstop!). I gave a small presentation to the kids’ parents this week and talked about separation anxiety. In my class, it’s not the kids who are anxious about going to school and being separated from their moms…it’s the moms who are anxious about leaving their kids with me! I’ve had mom after mom come to me with special requests and favours (Can you make sure my son goes to the washroom? Can you make sure my daughter eats her lunch? Can you make sure my daughter plays with different people? Please help my son stay away from this mean girl…). Thinking about this at the end of my day, I am comforted by the infiniteness of my Abba. He never needs to leave my side. He can take care of me at every moment of my life, even after I grow up. He takes care of me personally; He doesn’t need to entrust me to someone He’s not sure He can trust. And He’s not like me either, who has very limited ability to take care of 22 kids in detail all at the same time! He is my perfect Father and my Father forever. I can rest and have peace in His bosom always.