My new attitude – Sofia Chau

The Lord has changed my attitude after attending the Saturday trainings. The trainings have encouraged me to have more burden and be more skillful in outreaching and preaching the gospel. I made use of my birthday this month and invited my students for a birthday party. In the past I would have actually preferred to be low-profile, but this time I really didn’t want to waste this opportunity. More and more my life is joined to the Lord’s will.

Also, I’m very touched by the Lord’s birthday gifts to me. I really need to give thanks to Him. I submitted my permanent residence application four months ago, and I received the confirmation this month. Usually it takes at least half a year, but the Lord caused this to be a miracle. It confirms that the Lord admires my faith the most. So I shall not worry about when I will finally find a job, I know that the Lord will continue to provide in His time.