My Global Family – Jacky Lee (Promised Land)

From this trip to India, I experienced the love and unity of the global family. A practice that helped me a lot was to take a look at brothers and sisters before the start of each meeting, and say to myself, “These are my brothers and sisters; I treasure them a lot.” It helps me to open myself up and feel free to share with them. During my free time, I would often think of brothers and sisters, and I would prepare questions to ask them when we have partner time together. I feel that brothers and sisters are also free to share with me. A brother even shared with me a song that he composed in Hindi, and I was very impressed.


I feel that I treasure this global family more. Even though we have returned to our own cities, we continue to see each other in global phone sing. We really enjoy the worship and fellowship together, and we try to join as often as we can. I also feel more free to express my appreciation and support to brothers and sisters, because we are really one family.